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Rethinking Mobility

Especially for HR-managers

Do you promote alternative modes of transport among your employees?

Do you encourage shared mobility, leased bicycles and using instead of owning?

The only way to enable this modal shift is by focusing on a mental shift. People stick to habits and it is hard to change them, yet it is worth accepting the challenge.

When rethinking mobility we can ask ourselves different questions:

  • What determines our mobility behaviour
  • How safe are company cars?
  • Is collective mobility the solution and how to implement it in my budget
  • Are leased (electric) bikes the future?
  • Is mobility à la carte the best option?

Will there be a paradigm shift in mobility? Maybe one from a traditional model focused on possession to a more contemporary approach emphasizing the flexible and sustainable use of transportation options. Who knows…

Breakout room 2

Car sharing 2.0: rethinking mobility solutions to drive employee satisfaction

Optimize your fleet & increase your employee satisfaction by offering a mobility solution for private & professional usage.

– by Arval –
Breakout room 2

How to shift towards sustainable mobility solutions

Heleen and Guy will give you more information about the challenges related to technology & electrification.

– by Belfius –
Breakout room 2
KBC Autolease

Trends driving towards new mobility

Our society is changing constantly. Sometimes these changes are particularly drastic and, like Covid, appear suddenly and unexpectedly.

– by KBC Autolease –
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Rethinking mobility

Data, Connectivity and Interoperability from ASTARA Ecosytem.

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