CAR SHARING 2.0: rethinking mobility solutions to drive employee satisfaction

Unlock the full potential of your fleet while elevating employee satisfaction for both private and professional use.

Speaker 1: Philippe Kahn

Philippe Kahn is a distinguished professional with a Master’s degree (MA) in Economics, Marketing, and Statistics from the University of Fribourg in Switzerland. Over the course of his career, Philippe has garnered experience across diverse sectors, including Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) with Coca-Cola, retail with Carrefour, and the automotive industry with Volvo Cars.

Philippe’s expertise encompasses Consumer Insights, Market Intelligence, and Corporate Strategy. In 2018, he made a pivotal move to Arval Belgium, where he currently serves as a Senior Mobility Expert/Pre-Sales Consultant. At Arval, Philippe is dedicated to assisting corporate clients in navigating their transition towards future-proof mobility solutions, leveraging his wealth of experience to drive innovation and sustainable strategies.

Speaker 2: Christophe Janssen

Christophe Janssen is an esteemed Senior Mobility Leader at Arval Belgium.

With a commitment to excellence, Christophe brings a wealth of knowledge and leadership to the forefront of our mobility solution initiative, contributing to its success and ensuring its alignment with the evolving needs of corporate mobility.