How to shift towards sustainable mobility solutions

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About the session
To make the shift towards sustainable mobility it’s crucial to address challenges related to technology & electrification,  but it will also require changing behavior by adopting alternative modes of transportation. Taking action towards sustainable mobility is essential for organizations to create a more sustainable future.
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About the speakers

Speaker 1: Heleen De Jager

Heleen de Jager is an experienced professional with a passion for sustainable mobility and energy solutions.
She is Director Mobility & Energy Solutions at Belfius and has a background in strategic transformation programmes in consulting and the financial sector.
Heleen is a commercial engineer by education and is a member of several boards linked to mobility topics, including Belfius Auto Lease, Skipr, Cyclis and CenEnergy.

Speaker 2: Guy de Ceuster

Since 2021, Guy is the CEO of Belfius Auto Lease. Before that he has been the chairman of the BLV (Belgische Lease Vereniging), the CEO of Belfius Commercial finance and Belfius Lease (Services).
He is a driven person with strong desire and ambition to set and achieve strategic and concrete objectives through proper focus and communication, with respect for values and with the knowledge that realisations are only possible together and thanks to the global team.