Trends driving towards new mobility

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About the session

Our society is changing constantly. Sometimes these changes are particularly drastic and, like Covid, appear suddenly and unexpectedly. Others are subtle and they bubble beneath the surface for several years before they manifest, like demographic changes such as the aging population and new forms of housing and working. More often than not these changes are also inspired by economic influences. But what they all have in common is their impact on our mobility. It can be huge or it can be small. It may even give a new or different interpretation to the way we approach our mobility.
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About the speaker

Speaker: Wannes Vermost

He is the speaker of this session and the CEO of KBC Autolease.
After finishing his studies in 2003, Wannes started his career in tax and accountancy at SBB, the FPS Finance and Deloitte. In 2007, Wannes joined KBC in the branch network as SME relationship manager and later as branch director.

In 2015, he became Senior Advisor Corporate Sustainability within KBC Group.  From January 2019 to June 2022, he worked as Head of Service underwriting at KBC Insurances. From July 2022, Wannes was Program Manager Business Integration at UBB in Bulgaria for the integration of UBB and Raifeissen Bank Bulgaria.
In March 2023, Wannes was appointed CEO of KBC Autolease. Wannes is 43 years old and holds a master’s degree in Commercial Sciences from HUBrussel.