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Breakout room 3 – mastering the mobility budget

Especially for HR-managers and C-level management

The mobility budget is booming business. It gives employees that final push to opt for alternative means of transport. Better for the environment and for your wellbeing. But is the mobility budget the only answer to the mobility problem? Are we seeing certain trends in how employees use it? and how to operationalise it?

Want to learn more about…

  • The mobility budget: legal framework
  • How to operationalise your mobility budget 
  • Results of federal commuting diagnostics
  • Travel policy
  • Offering incentives for sustainable commuting
  • Change management
  • Health & mobility: wellbeing and fit at work
  • ..

Perfect! In this breakout room we will be covering all these subjects.

Breakout room 3

Session 1

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Breakout room 3

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Breakout room 3

Session 3

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Breakout room 3

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