Mobility Budget 2.0: Driving Change; Adapting to New Mobility Realities

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About the session

The mobility budget exists since March 2019. Its main goal: driving change! Promoting shared and multimodal mobility as an alternative to company cars. In 2022 and 2024, there were significant changes with an impact on the mobility budget. Additionally, the (fiscal) greening of the company fleet has significantly changed employers’ perceptions of corporate mobility.

Meet the mobility budget 2.0! Modalizy has adapted to this new mobility reality. And what this looks like (according to us), you’ll discover in this session.

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About the speaker
Modalizy was founded in 2017 and was the first provider of professional mobility cards and solutions for businesses and employers. As Business Development Manager, Alain Allyn has been part of it since the beginning. He has been at the forefront of observing the mobility market rapidly and drastically change over the past 7 years. And thus, he has also witnessed how the mobility budget has significantly evolved.