Fleet electrification: how do mobility managers experience the transition?

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About the session
Kantar and Trustmedia collaborated on a car study targeting both the average Belgian consumer (B2C) and mobility managers in Belgian companies (B2B). At Mobility Tomorrow, the emphasis will be on the B2B aspect, focusing on electrification. This includes insights into charging infrastructure within Belgian companies, challenges in transitioning to a green car fleet, impact of electrification on brand and car type availability, employee preferences, and the influence of non-European electric cars on company fleets. The questionnaire for this study was developed in partnership with Jochen De Smet.

The study provides insights into the following topics:

  • Share of electric cars in company fleets.
  • Challenges in transitioning to a fully green car fleet.
  • Home charging dynamics: providers, payment responsibility, and regulatory aspects.
  • Presence of charging facilities in companies, adequacy of infrastructure, and access to public charging.
  • Collaboration with Charge Point Operators (CPOs).
  • Access to data and cost information regarding employee charging.
  • Availability of non-electric alternatives for employees.
  • Impact of electrification on brand offerings and employee choices.
  • Consideration of non-European electric car models and brands in company fleets.
  • Exploration of alternative transportation methods and mobility budgets.

Upon entering each breakout room, your details will be scanned to enable potential communication later on.

About the speakers

Speaker 1: Lauranne Van Cutsem (Senior marketing researcher, Trustmedia)
Lauranne Van Cutsem is senior marketing researcher within Trustmedia, the advertising arm of Mediafin (publisher of De Tijd | L’Echo).
Trustmedia carries out annual market research on a whole range of topics (e.g. The Belgians and their money, podcast behaviour, trust in media/news, etc.) among various target groups.
Lauranne is happy to present the most important results from the recent electrification survey of Belgian mobility managers (in collaboration with independent research agency Kantar).

Speaker 2: Jochen De Smet (EKREO & EV Belgium)

Jochen De Smet is the CEO of EKREO and chairman of EV Belgium.
He has 15 years of experience in the energy sector and eight years in the field of vehicle electrification. Since 2018, he is also president of the federation EV Belgium, which deals with the development of the zero emission mobility market in Belgium (www.EV.be).
Jochen has experience in both small-scale greening projects, as well as electrification of bus and truck depots. As an expert, he gives his view on the entire value chain around electric mobility, which is becoming increasingly complex.