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Especially for CFOs, HR-managers and decision makers. 

Should we turn in our company car?

Will we all drive electric to work soon?

Or will cars just disappear?

Don’t panic, things won’t move that fast.
Although it is about time to provide grounded financial and tax incentives for those who go all the way for zero-emission. And a modern legal framework would be no luxury today either. 

Learn everything you need to know about electric driving and stay informed about the latest innovations and advancements.

Gain insights into a modern approach to car taxation that aligns with environmental goals.

Maybe you even join “Make zero-emission accessible for everyone” spirit by fostering a greener and more inclusive mobility landscape for all.

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Breakout room 1
ALD Automotive | LeasePlan

Plugging in, Slowing down

ALD Automotive | LeasePlan invites you to take a deep dive into the complexities of EVs with them.

– by ALD Automotive | LeasePlan –
Breakout room 1

All board! The vital role of trains in future mobility

Trains are the backbone of efficient and sustainable transportation systems. Steffen Van Roosbroeck will tell you all about why trains are the cornerstone of future mobility.

– by NMBS –
Breakout room 1

Working from home: What’s in it for me? Calculating the financial, time and climate benefits of not traveling to work on a daily basis

VIAS will tell more about their research in attitudes and beliefs of users regarding the transition towards electro-mobility in Belgium.

– by VIAS –
Breakout room 1
Brussels Airport

Shifting minds & modes

Brussels Airport invites you to shifts minds and modes.

– by Brussels Airport –