All board! The vital role of trains in future mobility

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About the session

Trains are the backbone of efficient and sustainable transportation systems, offering a high-capacity, low-emission alternative to cars and airplanes. With growing concerns about climate change and air pollution, NMBS-SNCB provides a crucial solution for reducing carbon emissions and promoting cleaner air.

Our offer plays a vital role in connecting communities, businesses, and economies, facilitating commerce, tourism, and social interaction on both local and regional scales. Embracing trains as a cornerstone of future mobility requires collaboration between governments, businesses, and communities to prioritize sustainable transportation solutions and invest in the necessary infrastructure and technologies.

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About the speaker

Steffen Van Roosbroeck is the Head of Public Affairs at NMBS-SNCB, based in Brussels. With his team of experts, he is in charge of stakeholdermanagement for the Belgian national railoperator. NMBS-SNCB transported more than 244 million train passengers last year and is a vital part of the Belgian society. Before joining the company, Steffen worked in politics as a spokesperson.