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About the session
With its Shift 2027 Strategy, Brussels Airport places mobility at the heart of its activities, in order to be accessible both for passengers and for the 25,000 people who work on the site. In this vibrant ecosystem, aircraft movements are not the only way of reaching Brussels Airport, as we are a shifting to a bustling hub where different activities intertwine. Learn about Brussels Airport’s efforts with regards to mobility and the importance of creating awareness: shifting minds & modes. This session about not only offering means of transport (modes), but also helping to change behaviour (minds). It will tell you everything about all the mobility & accessibility efforts Brussels Airport makes.

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About the speakers

Elke Bossaert

Elke Bossaert is a seasoned expert in sustainable transport and mobility, boasting over two decades of invaluable experience in the field. Throughout her career, she has been deeply involved in various EU projects aimed at enhancing transportation systems while minimizing environmental impact. Her dedication to sustainability has been a driving force in her work, consistently advocating for greener and more efficient modes of transportation.

Currently serving as the Accessibility Manager in the Strategy Department of Brussels Airport, Elke holds a pivotal role in ensuring the accessibility of the airport for both people and goods. Her responsibilities encompass a broad spectrum, from implementing innovative solutions to planning long term mobility services. Elke’s comprehensive understanding of sustainable transport principles, coupled with her hands-on experience in EU projects, uniquely position her to navigate the complexities of airport management. Driven by her passion for sustainability and dedication to improving accessibility, Elke continues to make significant strides in shaping the future of transportation, both regionally and globally. Her expertise and leadership are invaluable assets in the pursuit of creating more environmentally friendly and accessible transportation systems for all.


Mira De Grande

She is Director Commercial Real Estate at Brussels Airport.