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Discover the future of mobility with Will Butler-Adams, CEO of Brompton Bicycle and Brompton Bike Hire.

What are the challenges and opportunities in urban and corporate mobility?

We open Mobility Tomorrow on the mainstage with a keynote by Will Butler-Adams with his insights on sustainable transport and how companies are adapting to new mobility trends.

Will Butler-Adams

Passionate about all things engineering, Will has worked for Nissan, ICI, DuPont and Brompton and been involved in product development, R&D, project management and manufacturing excellence. He studied Mechanical Engineering at Newcastle University and is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer.

He is an expert in creating managed disorder, Will is continuously disrupting comfortable thinking in order to create innovation, turning tired business processes on their head. Holding up a mirror to companies, he inspires them to make simple changes in order to increase employee happiness and create an environment that fosters, rather than suppresses, creativity.

Brompton Bicycle & Brompton Bike Hire

The London-made Brompton brand is Britain’s biggest bike producer and is steering of to new heights with Will at the handle-bars. The company designs, produces and distributes over 50.000 folding bikes each year.

His vision for the future of cycling? ‘Its future is electric’.