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The Future Formula. In search of the mobility rules of tomorrow.

We live in the Great Disequilibrium, an era marked by radical transformations that are no longer a choice but a necessity due to external pressure.

Jo Caudron will discuss at Mobility Tomorrow the key challenges and changes facing modern society and economy.

The ‘Old Normal’, which emerged after World War II, is nearing its end. We are confronted with urgent issues such as climate change, migration, technological and societal disruptions, and sudden system shocks such as pandemics, wars, and the rapid rise of AI. The welfare state as we know it is under pressure.

These factors force us to think about new rules for the future: we must reevaluate our vision of the planet, sustainability, economy, and society.

In this presentation, Jo offers a method for companies and organizations to identify challenges and map out the problems ahead. He explores how various radical innovations in the field of products, sourcing, and especially mobility can contribute to sustainable solutions for a better society and economy.

About the speaker
Jo Caudron is a transformation strategist, passionate about navigating the impact of technological and societal disruptions. Through his company Scopernia, he has been assisting organizations in all sectors throughout Europe and the Middle-East in understanding how their world is changing and how they can adapt their core business to be ready for the future.