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In the corporate debate, we will delve deeper into how three managers tackle mobility challenges in their company and explore the factors that shape their mobility strategies.

Through real-life anecdotes and insights, Bas Kurstjens (Editor Mobility at De Tijd) aims to uncover the strategies, triumphs, and invaluable lessons they have learned.

The primary objective is to inspire you and give useful tips & tricks. These real-world examples and insights, will motivate and guide you. Join us for an engaging and comprehensive discussion that promises to shed light on the evolving landscape of mobility, offering a unique blend of corporate perspectives, fleet management experiences, and cutting-edge announcements from industry leaders.

An introduction of the three fleet managers

Rein Lemmens (Kapernikov)

Rein Lemmens, the CEO of Kapernikov, takes the stage to share his insights, contributing to the ongoing discourse on the future of mobility. He will do this together with two other experts, Wim and Frederik.

Wim De Wit (EY)
Wim De Wit is HR Director at EY and will be the second expert to share his tips & tricks.

Frederik Muylaert (Colruyt)

The experience of Frederik as a Division manager Supply Chain at Colruyt Group is invaluable as the third expert .