In the corporate debate, we will delve into the strategic decision-making processes of corporations and explore the factors that shape their mobility strategies. Our distinguished panel features insights from three experienced fleet managers who will share their perspectives on the intricate decisions guiding their approach to mobility.

The primary objective of this debate is to inspire our audience. By showcasing real-world examples and innovative approaches to decision-making in the mobility sector, we aim to provide valuable insights that can motivate and guide individuals in their own professional journeys.

Join us for an engaging and comprehensive discussion that promises to shed light on the evolving landscape of mobility, offering a unique blend of corporate perspectives, fleet management experiences, and cutting-edge announcements from industry leaders.

An introduction of the three fleet managers

Rein Lemmens (Kapernikov)

An exclusive announcement awaits as Rein Lemmens, the CEO of Kapernikov, takes the stage to share groundbreaking insights, contributing to the ongoing discourse on the future of mobility.

Peter Van de Velde (KPMG)
Additionally, Peter Van de Velde, who was Fleet & Mobility Manager 2024 will join the debate in how he makes his mobility choices. His experience at KPMG brings intriguing insights.

Curious about the third fleet manager?

More information will follow soon.