Electric driving for all: making it happen. Fast

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About the session

Electric driving is developing encouragingly fast in Belgium’s corporate fleets. The private car market, for its part, absolutely cannot keep up with that pace. Only 5 in 100 private car buyers choose electric today. The reasons invariably cited are the high purchase price and the network of charging infrastructure that is still in full development. But are these the only and main reasons why sales are slow to pick up and enthusiasm remains lukewarm?

Touring gives you an insight into the latest figures on electric driving, both in Belgium and elsewhere in Europe. And furthermore, the mobility organisation zooms in on the judgements and prejudices that car buyers have today. Because knowing what is still holding consumers back today is the first and most important step towards creating the conditions that will remove the obstacles that many car buyers still experience when considering the purchase of an electric car.    

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About the speaker

Joost Kaesemans has been working in the mobility domain for 30 years.

First at the VRT ‘Verkeersredactie’ (traffic and mobility newsdesk) and as a motocycle journalist, then for more than 20 years as spokesman for the automobile federation FEBIAC.

Since 2021, at mobility association Touring as Director of Public Affairs & Public Policy, he has defended and represented the interests of every road user, regardless of whether they are motorists, motorcyclists or cyclists. This switch to Touring was partly inspired by the realisation that tomorrow’s mobility cannot be determined solely by the legislator or by the evolution of vehicle technology. No, it is first and foremost the needs and wishes of the mobility user that must be heard and translated into efficient, sustainable and affordable mobility solutions for as many mobile citizens and companies as possible.