The future of fast charging with convenience on-the-go

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About the session

E-mobility and fast charging will become the norm in the coming years. As a sustainable mobility player, Q8 is also fully committed to expanding its fast-charging network. By 2030, up to 500 new fast-charging stations will be opened to become one of the leading providers in the Benelux. A whole number of these fast-charging stations will have a broad convenience offering. Retail and convenience go hand in hand and will become even more important in the future. That is why we are putting a lot of effort into this, concretely with a whole new offering and about 100 new shops that we will open in the Benelux in the next three years.

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About the speaker
Steven Clauwaert holds the position of Head of Fast Charging in the Benelux region for Q8, where he oversees growth and profitability. With over two decades of expertise in the dynamic energy sector, he is dedicated to driving strategic partnerships and guiding customers towards a seamless transition to electric mobility alongside his team.